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Thoughts GX1

Since I fell in love with the GX7 I decided to get the GX1 as my back-up body, especially since they were selling for around 300.00. It’s actually been off the bench quite a bit as the size is smaller than the GX7, and with image stabilized lenses, I do not lose much in image quality. I do like the larger, but not too large, size of the GX7 more, especially the second control dial. It’s not really a contest, The GX7 is better, but the GX1 is actually my compact street shooter now. I have the GM1, but that is my super stealthy camera, when I need great image quality that is very unobtrusive and am willing to deal with the minimal controls.
After using the GX7’s touch screen, not having a capacitive but a resistive touch screen takes a minute to get use to, and if I had to change one thing, it would be to give it a capacitive touch screen. I find that even with the GX7 I am using the back LCD for most of my framing and shots. I only use the EVF for moving subjects and bright light.


  • Point & Shoot size yet full featured, as an entry level SLR
  • Good image Quality
  • Longer Battery life than GX7
  • Control dial in small body


  • Resistive instead of capacitive touch screen
  • Low light a little bit worse
  • No in-body IS

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