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Thoughts Canon 6D

Buying a Canon SLR you are always reminded of 2 things; you may make some sacrifices, but image quality is not one of them. When you are talking modern full frame, there is so much detail in the images and the low light ability is crazy. If image quality is your number one concern, then Canon or Nikon full frame is the way to go. I am a Canon fanboy at heart and so I went Canon with the 6D. I went Micro four thirds also, but bought the 6D thinking I would use that for landscapes and portraits. After using the GX7, I really was rooting for the image quality to not be so good on the 6D. Sadly, it was fantastic, but aside from image quality & lowlight, the camera paled when compared to the GX7 in other areas:

Focus - The focus was good, but not as good as the GX7 and the limited focus points really chafed after using the GX7.
Size - The camera, and more importantly the combination of camera and lens, made a huge difference in comfort, and since everything is smaller, the kit you bring is much lighter.
Price - The prices for new Micro four thirds lenses were about the prices for used Canon lenses. Everything is just a little bit cheaper.
Ergonomics - The 6D ergonomics aren't bad, but the GX7 is like an extension of my hand to me.
Fun - The GX7 with all its modern technology, conveniences, size, and being able to get a basic kit of lenses together for a reasonable price made it quick to get up to speed, and left a lot of room to grow as you learned to use it’s full capabilities. I just had more fun using it than the 6D. I felt when using the 6D I was using a dumbed-down camera in all aspects except sensor size. With the GX7, I felt I was using a top of the line travel mirrorless with all the bells & whistles.


  • Image quality
  • Low Light
  • Library of lenses, flashes, and accessories second to none


  • Big, even if small for a full frame camera
  • Expensive
  • Limited Focus points
  • Limited Shutter speed and that is especially a pain with a FF sensor since it gathers so much more light. Not having 1/8000 is kinda a shame.
  • Serviceable but dated interface

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