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Thoughts GX7

If I could have dreamed up my perfect camera this would have been it; small ergonomic body, lots of dials & controls and a touchscreen implementation that I actually use. Normally, I turn off the touchscreen on touchscreen cameras by default, but not only have I kept the GX7’s touchscreen on from day one, but I have even warmed to the touchscreen on the E-PL5 because of it. There is nothing I don’t like about the GX7, and if it had an APS-C  sized sensor I would marry it. Really, that is the biggest downside of the GX7, the four thirds sensor. 

The portability of the system brings a host of compromises, and I am willing to live with them because of the wide variety of cameras and lenses that are part of the system. Image quality is good, no doubt, but I still saw the difference between it and the 6D & 5D. I don’t want to get into a m43 vs FF thing now (that will be another post), this is about the GX7. It is so customizable, but still the default decisions they have made are brilliant out the box: the way you set exposure compensation by pressing in the rear dial, the quick and easy way to select a focus point with or without touch, opting for using the directional buttons instead of a scroll wheel to pick your point, the auto-ISO fine tuning available; it all just works.  Add that to reasonable priced lenses that follow the philosophy of small and useful as they cover most ranges in an Olympus and Panasonic version. 

I enjoyed shooting with it so much it really sparked my photography love in a way that had not occurred since my Canon XSi. It even made me buy the GX1, just because this is the line I want to roll with. I have to be honest, the in-body image stabilization is something Panasonic needed for a while even if only 2 axis, as it opens a whole field of lenses not just IS Panasonics. If it did not have the IS in-body I probably would have gone with the E-M5, but it’s hard to believe me liking a camera more than I like the GX7, so I am glad they did.

In-body IS
Focus implementation is spot on

Image quality not equal to most APS-C and Full Frame Cameras
Short battery life, maybe it would be nice to have eth option of adding a hand grip for better battery life
…uhhhh that’s about it.

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