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Thoughts E-PL5

Looking at the E-PL5 I didn't realize how small it was until I held it in my hand and started using it. I was leaning towards buying the Panasonic GM1 to see what it was like, but no image stabilization held me back. The GM1 is smaller than the E-PL5, about the size of the RX100 II, but after using the E-PL5, I liked the extra size in the hand more than the RX100 II. I tested it out on a Regional Rail shoot, and it worked perfectly; the next time I went out to shoot at a Regional Rail stop in my heart that was the camera I wanted to take.


  • Size WITH Image stabilization and tilt screen
  • Touch screen focus
  • Just small enough
  • Very nice image quality
  • Surprising dynamic range for sensor size


  • Battery life short (about 300 shots)
  • Really could use an extra control dial
  • Ugly beast
  • Tilty ruins streamline profile

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