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Camera Journey Update, 8.8.14

Well, I have sold off the Canon G1X II and the E-PL5. The Canon never really wowed me, the image quality was fine, but the camera interface was kinda last gen, and the close focusing was hit-and-miss. I am selling the E-PL2 simple because I can’t get myself to let go of the E-PL5 yet; it’s so small and so nice, especially with some of the Micro-four thirds pancake zooms. The cameras I am definitely keeping are the:

  • Canon 6D
  • Panasonic GX7 (Love at first sight, it has to be in my hand once every night just cuz I like to look at and hold it)
  • Fujifilm f900EXR (My first camera that started my hobby was a Fujifilm s1800, and out of nostalgia I will always keep a Fujifilm superzoom. It’s icing on the cake that this camera is cheap and performs great. It’s really underrated.). 
The cameras on the bubble and where they rank for me now on a 1-5 scale (5=keep and 1=selling)

  • RX100 II = 4
  • RX10 = 3
  • E-PL5 = 4
  • Stylus 1 = 2

These are cameras I still need to use before I make a final decision. I was hung up on needing zoom range in the beginning but as long as I have a long zoom lens and at least on superzoom point & shoot I will be fine. This makes the RX100 II jump back up, as I was down on it for the small zoom range and the front control ring was tough to turn. The control right has loosened up, and I am finding the long zoom range is really situational; I usually know if I will need a long zoom ahead of time. It’s an all around great camera, but I would swap it out for the f900 if I was in a stadium/auditorium setting where I would want to stealth zoom.

The one that jumped the group was the GX7. I have not even taken it out for a shoot, and I just know it will be my city camera and all around best compromise camera.

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