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Thoughts on the E-620


  1. Nice compact size, smaller than some bridge cameras.
  2. Lenses are also small, so it does not fake you out with the small body like the Sony NEX series; small body, huge lenses.
  3. Sharp at low ISOs, pretty good up to 800
  4. Optical View finder
  1. Grain sets in at ISO 800, reminds me how far the newer cameras have come with low light performance.
  2. Good focusing, but not a focus beast.
  3. I'll stick with single point focus for now, as the other focus modes are okay but not great.
  4. JPGs seem a bit over processed
This is what I wanted; optical viewfinder, good image quality, highly portable size, and that is what I got. I am happy with it, but as I said before this will be my back-up to the back up or something to whip out if the mirrorless cameras struggle with action and moving subjects. 

I really need to make using multiple focus points on cameras more of a focus. I have always felt that if focus and recompose was good enough for decades of photographers it is good enough for me, but I forget  much of focus and recompose was in the days of manual focus where you could tweek the focus when you recomposed. Hey, it's always good to have more to learn...

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