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Thoughts Canon G1X Mark II

  1. Heavy, but I like the weight; it makes it feel like it's not a toy. It's built like a tank; they say the the US version was supposed to come without a deep grip (mine had both the shallow and the deep grip). With the weight I am not sure how the shallow grip would have worked out.
  2. Don't trust the LCD; the LCD was pretty inaccurate as far as my exposure, I would definitely recommend using the histogram to see where you are especially in contrasty situations. It does not handle contrast very well.
  3. I have very big hands so before the control wheel fad took over I could reach all the controls on my camera with one hand. Now with all these control wheels (RX10, RX100 Canon G!X II), it's become a 2-handed process. I hope control wheels on the front die out soon...
  4. Closeup focusing still finicky, but much more possible with the macro mode. When to switch over is the thing you have to get used to, as it really is not that close when you are on the long end of the zoom.
  5. I also miss fully articulated LCDs, the flip ones all seem to stick and take a concerted effort to pry loose and then twist to your desired angle. the side flip-screens just worked, and did not have to be pried/jiggled loose. They also had the added benefit of being able to flip backwards and protect your LCD. This is for all recent cameras, not just the Canon.
  6. Image quality is very nice, but it's started to become disappointing in the days of 20MP 1 inch sensors that you only get 13MP of detail on a sensor 2x the size.
  7. Not for motion, but I knew that and was not really expecting much trying to catch moving subjects.
  8. Nice implementation of changing your focus point, but the movement of the focus point per click of the directional button is a little small; it can take a while to move it across the screen. I do like how a long press of he focus point button brings it back to center, though.
It's a good camera as far as image quality and sensor size, but everything else takes a backseat to it's competitors. Not really versatile or fast to adapt to different needs like the RX100. I have to admit I was hoping it would surprise me and pull ahead of the RX100 which is my favorite camera of the ones I have tested right now. Through all of this I am really still a Canon Fanboy at heart, and would love to go back to Canon for something.

  1. Very nice image quality
  2. Solid Build
  3. Can get Bokeh pretty easily
  4. Good battery life
  5. Nice focusing point implementation
  1. Slow to configure
  2. Close focusing is finicky, but much better
  3. Not for one-handed operation
  4. Average detail resolved in images
  5. Contrasty viewfinder

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