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Okay I flip-flopped again. I love the RX100 II, but let's be honest, I hated the control ring on the front.That's not a knock against the RX100 II, I hate all front control rings on cameras. The RX100 II's sensor size gives it great images verses a point and shoot, but my f900EXR is more versatile; smaller, bigger zoom range, and more expendable and loanable because of price. I am really trying to whittle it down to 3 bodies. At first I was really down on interchangeable lenses for more than one camera brand, but I have been looking at m43rds cameras and the lens selection is not too expensive and they are compact. In fact, a m43rds camera with the 14-140 or 150 lens is about the size of the RX10. Of course the RX10's glass is incredible I'm told (have not tested it yet), and it is weather sealed so it might have it's own place for bad weather,  but it is 2 big to really be low key and shoot regularly in the city or on my train stop shoots.

Since I decided on the D6 I have put the E-620 on eBay, so that one will be gone soon. I have ordered the E-PL5 and the GX7, and will evaluate them. I am starting to now feel that my final keepers might be the f900EXR, Gx7, RX10 & D6. I am still on the fence about the RX10, and this weekend will tell the tale. I will test it out this weekend, but though having an all in one weather sealed body is enticing, when would I use it? Right now I have three slots open:

  1. Always with me; tiny, light, versatile and I can hand to someone else to use. Best image quality for versatility, size, and price.
  2. City shooting or anyplace where I want image quality but a big body camera will look out of place, draw undesired attention, or where they are okay with allowing point & shoots, but not big DSLRs.
  3. Pure image quality: in places that I can carry and use big gear, mostly for state & national parks, Landscapes, pre-arranged portraits, and studio-style & artistic projects.
There may be a 4th slot for an extreme travel and action camera, which is where the RX10, a weather sealed m43rds, or a Canon 60D might slip in.

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