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Restarting the Restart

Well it's late at night and I have just rethought my whole portability over image quality thing. I have been looking at the images of the smaller sensor cameras, and they are just not as good as my 5D. That's okay if the 5D and gear will be a problem, but many times it is not, and it's those times that it will niggle at me that I don't have more power to use. Sooo... my thinking has changed. I will get a 6D (just ordered one), and a 60D for back-up (at some point). Then I will use my 6D when size is not an issue like landscape, and national park visits. I will use my RX10 (the plan so far) when size and versatility matter, and the Rx100 when stealth is needed. My f900EXR will be my loaner and all around emergency camera. That should do it. I will take the RX10 out next, and sell all the others on eBay.

Unless I change my Mind ;)

Furthermore, I will begin giving myself a 200.00 a month photography hobby budget, so that I stick to my guns, or at least give everything a try first (although if I sell something I am allowed to reinvest the money in Photography).

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