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Poor Stylus 1

The poor Stylus 1 just seems to be the camera caught in the middle in my camera tests. I have not used it yet, but it's already getting squeezed out. I loved the RX100 and all the Stylus has over the RX100 is the zoom range. It has a constant 2.8 aperture, but with the smaller sensor that's a wash also. It loses out to the F900EXR, because the F900EXR has a better zoom range, same size sensor, and although it does not have an f/2.8 aperature, it's size makes it very convenient and it's price means I wont stress loaning it out or letting someone else use it, especially a child.
I already put it up on eBay, but pulled it down because of second thoughts. Before I put it back up on eBay, I will at least take it out for a shoot to see if it makes me change my mind about it verses the RX100 or the f900EXR.

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