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Decision Time

Well I have made a decision and the first camera I will be taking out is the E-620. Honestly, this camera had the most stable place in my rotation as I definitely needed a DSLR, but I wanted to see the 4/3rds image quality before I locked in it as my choice. If the image quality is not acceptable, I will look at the Pentax K-7. It is higher end, so perhaps not the fairest comparison, but as I said my main focus is on portability with good image quality, which is why a small body Sony Alpha, Canon or Nikon were not in the running. The bodies may be small, but the lenses are quite large.
I should note that the DSLR I choose will really be my last resort camera, for when there are situations where an EVF just wont do. Mainly moving subjects and action, unless the mirrorless cameras I will be testing greatly surprise me.

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