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Okay, so I’m not done with Canon yet

Canon has been dropping the ball a lot; expensive products that do not innovate, and a business plan that is much more focused on filmmaking than on advancing Photography tech (let 's face it DSLRs are in their final stages, Mirrorless cameras are the next thing. The company that comes out with the first mirrorless full frame camera will be a market leader), but…their grey market, quality older cameras, and accessories, still mean I will be sticking with them as my mains-but I will be hedging my bets. From now on I will be maintaining the NEX line for when I need a small size, or there may be some issues/ distractions with carrying around an intimidating DSLR with a big lens. I will probably only be getting a 24-105 IS, and a 70-200IS for my canon as my last 2 purchases unless my 5D breaks (or the 6d/5D MKII ever goes below 1000.00). I will be waiting to see what comes out in 2014, and looking hard at the first Mirrorless Fullframe that comes out when it comes down in price a bit (I’ll never pay more than 2 grand for a camera).

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