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About 2 months ago I bought the NEX C3. I had always been watching the NEX line out of the corner of my eye, but I like zooms and their zooms were very unimpressive; so big that they transformed a crazy-thin form factor to just another APS-C Camera. I decided to give the C3 a chance when they came out with the pancake 16-50, a lens that actually fit the form factor of the NEX Line. When I started using the C3 I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the lens only to find out that the C3 was not calibrated for the 16-50 and never would be. So I moved up to the NEX 5N. The lens was still not great but much improved and the form factor made it the only viable zoom for me. I picked up a couple primes using the zoom for general everyday in-the-bag use, and the primes for photo excursions and walkabouts.

For me the NEX series is perfect with a couple big flaws: 1.The menu/interface sucks 2.No good zooms that fit the form factor 3.Okay lens line overall

But the picture quality is stellar, and I find myself using it more and more over my 5D. I even ordered the NEX 6.

My first DSLR was a Canon A330, and then an A500. I left Sony initially because I tried a Canon XSi, and the picture quality and ergonomics blew me away. I always kept an eye on Sony, but I just never got back on the bandwagon because I felt they just never had a clear direction. I always felt that they were in DSLRs because they just could not figure what else to do. I think the NEX line is their thing, and with rumors of a full-frame mirrorless I am thinking of moving back to Sony and going all NEX until their Mirrorless Full frame camera comes out.
It’s not like my canon cameras (5D, 50D, G12, Elan) are the newest and will command a great resale, and I do not have any L lenses to get money from, so I will probably hold on to the canon gear I have now, but not buy anything else for my canons until I see what Sony comes out with in 2014. I was thinking hard on getting the 6D, but will wait and see.

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