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Settling in on a Daily Driver

I finally settled on my everyday camera. I initially decided to go with the EPL-2, but it was not very compact once you had the lens on. The feature set was pretty mediocre, and the image quality did not "wow" me. Nice camera, but I really missed the picture quality and the vari-angle LCD of the G12. True it had a smaller sensor, but that was the only thing that did not trump the EPL-2.
After I got the G12 I decided to try out the NEX cameras. I had always weighed the NEX line in my decisions, but the size of the lenses turned me off. Once you added a lens they were no longer pocketable. What made me try it now was the 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ OSS lens. I bought the C3, body only, and then bought the 16-50. After using it for about a week, it has bumped my G12 as my everyday camera. I usually just keep the 16-50, and have no real desire to get longer lenses as they are still so huge. I did pick-up the 2 Sigma NEX lenses: a 30mm 2.8, and a 19mm 2.8 in a deal ($200.00 for the pair), and they are also suitably compact.
Image quality on the NEX is fantastic, because of it's size, I sometimes treat it like a point and shoot and forget that is has a full APS-C sized sensor. It will be my go-to camera when I am shooting low-key. Hopefully Sony will redesign the NEX lens line to have a smaller footprint like the 16-50.
In the pictures I compare it to the G12 in size.


  1. Hey O. I got the Olympus Sp-720uz. It is not a very specail camera but not bad for a first????

  2. very nice camera! has lots of nice extra features, it's alot like the camera that made me make photography my official hobby, the FinePix s1800.