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Upping my Photography game

I usually go out shooting once a week, but I want to go out more; thing is after work I am just drained and its all about getting my energy to face the next day at work. I don’t do anything but sit on my couch and eat. My goal is to get out 3 days a week to shoot, but baby steps. Part of my baby steps is to do a 365 starting tonight, hopefully it will get me thinking more and get me carrying my camera more. I am solely using my 5D for the rest of the month to get used to it, but any camera I use will count except film, since I can’t get film shot and on the web in a day. I am not so stressed about posting everyday, the key will be to take a picture I am proud of everyday, no "cheap get it done" shots. We will see how it goes.
On another note, I am seriously thinking about some form of portable back-up for my CF cards when I am out and about. Monday I took some nice pictures of a church on my Photo Bucket list, and when I got home the CF card was corrupted (I tried to use a new CF iPad camera kit, and I think I stuck the card in upside down, and that is what caused it). I was pretty heart-broken for the rest of the night and that’s what got me thinking about shooting more, to build a body of work, and to add to my growth. I am thinking about the Photo Safe II, so that’s on my list of things to buy.

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