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The Lure of Mirrorless, the Reality of Full Frame

Canon 5DII + EF 50/1.2L and Olympus PEN E-PL1 + Voigtländer Nokton 25/0.95 mFT, size comparison

I’ve been thinking about switching to a mirrorless system for a while, and had all but settled on Olympus and Micro 4/3s. But before I pulled the trigger, I really took a minute to think about what was the next step for me; was it really mobility and size? If so, mirrorless would be fine. But the more I thought about what my core needs are, they just did not match mirrorless cameras. I realized that I was not willing to go to a smaller sensor, even if the system was more compact. My interest in mirrorless actually morphed into the need for full frame. Mirrorless is a novel concept, but they are not really pocketable, they’re low profile. I find that for low profile, I am perfectly happy with high end point & shoots like the Canon G12, Nikon P8000, and the Fuji X10. For pocketability, I go with the FinePix F600, as it is incredibly versatile, and I find I am using that more than my G12. The 5x zoom of the G12 (and that’s one of the longest of the high end pocket cameras) is not really great if I take a camera and do not know what I might be shooting. I find that the high-end compacts are really good for street shooting, but not very versatile as a “always carry in my bag” camera. My new core of Digital cameras will be focused on the biggest sensor that can be had in that class that I can afford:

  • FinePix F600 (biggest superzoom sensor)
  • Finepix X-10 (Biggest sensor, in Compact camera other than the Canon G1X which is way expensive)
  • Canon 50D (Action and sports camera, best before pro level)
  • Canon 5D (full frame)
I have to sell my G12 to get the X-10, but that will happen this month, and the 5D is in the mail now. I will see how I like full frame, and if it works for me I will save up and get the new full-frame rumored to be coming out for Canon or the 5D MK II if the new camera is a vaporware.
In keeping with my core need which is sensor size in my budget, I am actually getting the Olympus E-PL2 instead of the FujiFilm X-10. I really liked the X-10, but for the cost of an X-10 I can get the E-PL2 with the 14-42 AND the 40-150 lens. Price was a huge plus, but sensor size (over the X-10) and having a x10 zoom with both lenses really convinced me. Sold my G12 for $10.00 more than I paid for the E-PL2 and the 14-42 lens!

Will also be selling my EF-S 55-250 IS, since I am moving to all EF lenses. I would like another compact camera and will look into getting a waterproof tough camera that I can let my 7- year old niece use when we are out shooting and that I can use in rain and at the beach.

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