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Using the Lubitel 166+

This Sunday I went out shooting with My Lubitell +166, thinking I was going to be all old school; let me tell you, that camera was a pain! Shooting with a prismless camera is really disorientating and getting my composition was hit and miss. It was also a pain getting a light reader reading each time I took a shot, but really, once you get the hang of it if you know your last reading you can guestimate brightness and use simple math for aperture changes. All and all it will be a cold day in you-know-where before I take it out again…

It’s a shame, I was really psyched about getting in touch with my inner 40’s photojournalist. I really like shooting with the Canon TLB, but not having a prism and  light meter built in make all the difference.

I plan to shoot with all my cameras once a year, so I may use it again next year, but I am dreading it.
Just got the photos back from the developers, and man they stink! I did not realize the focus was so bad, I thought I had it. Just goes to show you how much I rely on focus assist.

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