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My First Self-Portrait

I have been really struggling to find out my thing, so I am trying to do a variety of things to see what's me. I am wowed by photojournalism, but I don't really feel comfortable doing it, and there is a lot of research and written journalism that I'm not feeling. One thing I have not done is portraits, my family and friends don't really have the patience to be models for me, and they don't want their pictures shown to the web.

At work every month they do a profile of one of us and this month it was me, they asked us to include a picture so I decided to play around with my first . Not feeling too tricky, just went with my 480EX, a diffuser, and the 50 1.8. My best portrait was actually before I was ready, it was in my T-shirt so I could not use for work. 

It's interesting to see the things you normally do that ruin a portrait. I am always unconsciously tilting my head to the left and looking down. My 480EX ran out of power otherwise I would have kept at it till I got myself to stop tilting and bending.

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