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Best Do-it-all Camera Under $200.00

I fell in love with photography using the Fuji Finepix s1800, 150.00 when I bought it. It taught me a lot about photography, and really wetted my appetite for a DLSR. The current version of this camera is the s2950, and it’s still under $200.00, new. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to get a little more out their photos on the cheap. The important things to get with a do-it-all starter is:

  • Viewfinder to teach you proper composition
  • Be able to shoot in Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Full manual
  • Optical zoom of at least 10x

The Finepix is the only one in that price range that has a viewfinder, which I feel really helps you make the switch to a DLSR if you are inclined. Other good Budget do-it-all cameras that are only missing the viewfinder:

  • Canon SX150
  • Olympus SZ10
  • Kodak Eazyshare Z990

Reviews are luke warm about the S1800/S2950, but it’s under $200.00 People! Here is a gallery of pictures I took with it, some of them still my favorites even though I have a camera over $1000.00 now.

I just handed it down to my brother-in law this year and here are some pictures he took on the auto setting:

If you are thinking about going straight to a DLSR, get a used or refurbished (they usually have them refurbished in Canon USA’s store) Canon XSi, best bang for buck DLSR ever, but it will set you back around $400.00.

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