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Thoughts: Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure (3rd edition)

Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure (3rd edition), is a very good book for intermediate level photographers (just above beginner). I don’t know if it really is good for people just beginning as you kinda have to have a basic knowledge of SLRs and cameras to get the most out of it. Often, when I read photography how-to books its more preaching to the choir than really learning something new, but this book really gave me some tips and techniques I had not know before and imparted some useful information. The section on flash and HDR is kinda thrown in, but the rest was useful.


  1. Lots of pictures and examples
  2. Good explanations of underpinnings of exposure suggestions and techniques
  1. Although Point & Shoots included, not really for the low end Point & Shoots
  2. Flash & HDR section kinda thrown in
  3. Not really for brand new camera users 

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