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Ricoh GX200 vs Nikon P7000...vs G12

I have been looking for a multi-use compact that can take RAW images, as lugging around my 50D everywhere is becoming a pain. My current everywhere camera is the Samsung S1050, but it does not shoot RAW and has no image Stabilization. I am not looking for pocket-able, as my on-the-go-pocket camera is my iPhone. The Canon G-series is the best, but my budget could not go as high as the G12, so I looked at the Ricoh GX200 because I really wanted an EVF, and the Nikon P7000, as I heard it was comparable to the G12, but about 25% less and within my budget. I could not really decide so I bought both. I got very good deals on eBay and will sell the one I do not keep. If I like neither I might sell them both and bite the bullet and get the G12. I'll take each for an outing, and see which one I like best.
I need some psychiatric help cuz I know I'm insane. I just bought the G12, and will now compare all three cameras and choose the one I like best. But as I said before my money is real tight, so I will need to sell some of my stuff on eBay, I will sell my Tlb (which is a wash cuz I just bought a Canon A-1-I know, crazy), my S1050, my old archos 5, any other old but sellable tech/stuff I have, and of course the losers of the GX200/P7000/G12 battle. Hopefully I can get all that to happen before rent is due ;)

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