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More thoughts on the Nikon P7000

Still playing around with the P7000, and liking it a bit more. I found a post on Flickr on how to improve the focus of the camera. The poster suggests:

  1. Use Center -> Wide AF setting
  2. Turn AF Assist of OFF - (under Main settings)
  3. Drop EV to -0.7
  4. Turn Macro ON
  5. Set Focus mode to Full-Time (under shooting settings)
  6. Do several focuses before taking final shot (two or three half way presses before taking shot)
  7. Don't be too quick in taking shots (wrong exposure on screen is a problem)
  8. Set metering mode to SPOT

I have tried method 1 & 4 and the focus seems much snappier. I also played with it using JPEG, and if you change the exposure while shooting JPEG, you do not get the wiggy split exposure you get when doing it with RAW files when the green light is blinking. But really, why would I want to shoot JPEG with this camera?

Also, I am actually coming around on the optical viewfinder. Still not overjoyed, but with practice, using center focus instead of autofocus if you sight dead center and focus, you can be assured it is the center spot. I then recompose estimating what will be left out of the OVF borders but still in the actual frame of the image. Still would rather have an EVF, but what ya gonna do?

I like it a little more, but the RAW processing times still suck. I’ll be putting this up on eBay unless the G12 and the GX200 really disappoint.

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