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Shooting With a Goal

Lately, I have been listening to the History of Photography podcasts with Jeff Curto from the College of DuPage, and they have been great. They really make me think about photography as this group of artists, and that I am one of them. It also got me thinking about planning exactly what I want to shoot before I shoot it. Normally I just go out and take pictures as the scene strikes me, but I never know what I might find. I have been giving myself project assignments, and this make me plan the picture that I want to shoot ahead of time. Now I am supplementing my other galleries with photo mosaics. So far I have done one about an office after hours, extinct objects in our recent past, and the different flavors of Fanta soda. in the future I plan one on entrances, and one about marbles. I will keep doing them as the mood strikes me to practice planning my pictures to look a certain way ahead of time.

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