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My Love Affair with my FinePix S1800

I consider the Fuji FinePix S1800 my first real camera. I had had cameras before, but they were point & shoot affairs I had in case I needed to take a picture; this mostly consisted of family, office pictures when nobody had a camera on them and travel. But it was more of having a camera the same way I always had extra batteries a USB charger, and a lighter though I do not smoke; the always be prepared kind of thing. The S1800 was the first camera I really tried to take pictures with on anything other than automatic. Heck, before then I did not know what an aperture was, much less adjust it! I have bought several cameras since then, but I always go to my s1800 in a pinch when I want a quick good-looking shot with no hassle, and the 18x zoom still beats anything else I have. It is that camera that created my love of photography, and actually gave me a hobby. I might get and use other cameras (I am currently lusting after the Canon G11), but I will always keep the S1800 in my camera collection.

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