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Thoughts: 50D


I have had the 50D for almost a month and here are my thoughts:
  1. Great size - I have big hands and can move around much easier than on the XSi. The XSi is a great camera, but I was always a little cramped on it.
  2. 6.3 Frames per second - Love it for action shots and moving objects. I also like that they have a slow rate of 3.1 Frames/sec that you can choose.
  3. Top LCD - really nice for at a glance changes, and now I only need the back LCD for viewing pictures.
  4. Lotsa Buttons - on the XSi a lot of changes I had to make in the menu or use the back LCD, on the 50d there are a lot of shooting function dedicated buttons, and that means I can make many changes with my eye in the viewfinder.
  1. Back LCD - very dim, might just be mine but I really have to crank up the brightness, and a real pain in bright sunlight.
  2. CF card - I know it's faster, but its just one more type of media to carry around.
  3. No dedicated EV button/Dial - Amazing to me they do not have a dedicated exposure value button
  4. A-Dep - Is it me or does automatic depth of focus, always use a focal length of 3.5?
  5. Metering - The 50D seems to have less dynamic range than the XSi. I'm am sure it's my imagination, but I shoot a lot of landscape shots and I seem to be getting a lot more clipping in the sky.
All in all I am very pleased with the camera and it has cured my camera body lust for a few years at unless one of my bodies breaks or is stolen. For many photographers the siren call of full frame awaits, but I feel no desire for FF. I would love to get a 100% viewfinder, but that's about it. I can see getting a 7d in a couple years but for now I good.

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