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Foam Core Hooks

Impex Systems Group 50020 Picture Hanging NailI have been getting some 12x18s of my pictures done on MPIX, and I really like the quality. The backing I use is foam core and I do not put them in a frame I, just put the foam core straight up.  I work in an office, and I did not want to put nails in the walls so I used wall putty of various types, and the pictures kept falling down eventually, leaving stains on the walls, and pulling off some of the paint. I gave up and went with nails, but special ones for hanging light pictures that were almost needle thin and leave a very tiny mark. I was also able to find some picture hooks specifically for foam core pictures. The only tricky part is to make sure you place the hooks in the exact center of the picture. I measure halfway and put the hook in the middle. They hung fine, and were much less work that fiddling with all the "no-stick" stuff. I am moving away from foam core pictures though, and will be trying frame-less frames next month as the foam core really limits what you can do with the picture as you cannot take it off the core, and the foam core does not protect the picture much.

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