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2011 PIFA Street Fair

Attended the 2011 PIFA fair, but I made the mistake of going at 4pm because I was hoping to see the aerial artists at 7:30pm. It was very contrasty, and with the crowd I could not move around much. The events were also almost completely obscured by food stalls or people and at 4pm half in shadow and light. Lots of photographers were there scrabbling for shots where they could find them. I am still working through not being intimidated, or thinking everyone else has the shot instead of just worrying about my shots. I was proud of myself at the Penn relays because I was stuck in one place with a max zoom of 135 and got some good shots. I know I should have tried harder, but it was hard to stand still for 1 minute with the crowd. I have to admit I was pretty bummed as I had been looking forward to the event. I tried to hang, but I’m no pro, so if I’m not enjoying myself what’s the point? Next time there is an event like this I will make sure I am there early. 
Just a bad decision to go so late. I'll clear my head this weekend, and try to start thinking about the next thing on by shooting calendar (I'll also I will have my 55-250 soon, but even if I had it today I would have needed high ground).

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