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Review: The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2)

I really liked the Ansel Adams first book in the series, The Camera. Lots of good history about cameras and stuff for anybody who is thinking of photography as a hobby. The Negative, Not so much. It has a few interesting points, but the whole Zone system hinges on the fact that you can tell the difference between middle gray and the gradations above and below that, and make decisions based on those gradations. If you can do that, why do you need the Zone? I understand he was trying to help, but the zone seemed like a primer on how to be a millionaire, assuming that you have something worth a million dollars. Never made it all the way through. I might try the third book, The Print, later, but I just think a primer about film development is not knowledge I will ever use. I don't expect to ever try my hand at developing film.

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