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Rain, Rain Go Away (Kimmel Center)

Going out to photograph is always a weather permitted kind of thing. Sunday I new it was going to be rainy, but I hoped it would let up. I lucked out on the Avenue of the Arts as it stopped raining long enough for me to get some nice shots, but the sky was colorless. I would have loved a warming filter or a polarizer, I guess those will be next on my list of filters to get. All in all I am pleased with what I got, and also with the shots at the Kimmel. My big disappointment is that at the Kimmel the concert halls where occupied by musicians practicing, so we were not allowed to take pictures in the auditoriums. Hopefully, I will get another shot at them sometime soon. On the way to the 49th street station the rain really started to come down; if it was drizzle I would have braved it with a cloth draped over my camera (thanks, Martin Bailey for the tip), but with it pouring, I just went home. Academy of the arts and the Flower show are next, and I will get to test out my Canon 50mm 2.5 Macro at the Flower show.

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