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Off to Paris

Well I’m off to Paris; a little nervous as this is my first trip on my own. When I went before everything was taken care of; transportation, I had a guide, and everything was paid for. This time I am heading down for a couple days on a budget, with no net. Luckily, I found 3 programs that are scary useful for my iPhone, French Translator Pro, Google Translate, and Paris2Go. French translator Pro and Paris to go come if different varieties if you go to other places (i.e., NewYork2Go, and Spanish Translator Pro). I remember the last time I went to Paris I was rocking the height of technology, a Treo 680, and I thought that was a life saver. Technology has advanced so much as far as information. I really feel like I can handle anything over there except the 1.3 exchange rate ;).

I’ll be taking pictures and blogging while I am over there rather than emailing everyone, Ill see how it works out.

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