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I met Infitain as I passed the FYE music superstore in center city. As he came up to me I was not sure what he wanted, but I always listen then judge, so I listened to what he had to say. Turns out he was an entrepreneur who used this corner to network his music and video ventures. Sounded a bit strange, but I checked the web address Infitain gave me ( and it was the truth. Seems he has his fingers in everything, and he has some talented people connected with him. I was most impressed by a photographer in one of his photo shoots Michael Knight; he had some stuff that I really liked.  Infitain had a camera (looked like a Nikon Coolpix), that he used to take his photos of people he meets and asked if I wanted to take his picture with my camera, and I did. Stop by his office, right outside of FYE, interesting fellow!
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