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Flower Show Madness and Flash

Man, the Flower Show was a madhouse; people and cameras everywhere. I got a chance to use the 50mm macro, and I have to say, I struggled with it. More to the point, I struggled with it and using my flash. This was one of the few venues that allowed flash use, and with the low lighting it was really necessary. It was the most I have used my flash ever, and it showed. I really needed the practice. I still managed to pull out some acceptable shots, but I gave up on the flash and went to high ISOs near the end. I’ll give my 50MM macro another go the next time I go out shooting, but for street shooting handheld, not so good so far. I figured it would be more versatile, but actually it is less because of the exacting focal plane. These are just some documentary shots to show the crowds and my flash struggles.

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