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Effeil Tower, more like cell block Effiel

As old and jaded as I am I still got a chill when I turned the corner and saw the real Eiffel tower.

Sadly, up close it was disappointing. First it does not look that old. I mean credit to the preservers, but it looked pretty modern which cost some wow. Second and most important they had scammers everywhere. There was a street vendor every five feet, and they were all selling the same shit at the same prices, there were lost Americans with thick Nigerian accents, deaf mutes looking for donations to their school, an 3 card Monte players. There were not one or 2 but dozens of each. They had 3 cops who walked around like "fuck the scammers if some terrorists come we will get interested." It was packed and lines were long but that is to be expected. I only took my small camera pouch on a shoulder strap, and several people told me to hold it in ny hand as they will cut the strap (they did not speak English buy said "careful" and pantomimed my strap getting cut.) after that I was like "shit, Paris just got real!"

Below I snuck a picture of "le" three card Monte players at the outskirts of the venue in case the saw me and I had to run.

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