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Bronze Beauties

I was out taking pictures near the 49th street train station in Philly and I saw this gentleman with his to dogs just lying in the sun. The dogs looked so beautiful and he looked so at ease, I asked for a picture. The sun was glaring so I should have asked him to move to a shady spot for the pic or take off his hat, but I am happy interesting people let me take their picture; I try not to micromanage them, because they might change their mind. The dogs came out perfect, but some of his face is lost in the shade created by his hat. It’s a shame, because up close you can really see his pride in his dogs as I took the picture (I made the picture larger than I usually do so you might see this).

The second picture I liked his pose more, but was still not brave enough to tell him to take off the hat.
Bronze Beauties 02

===Duh== should have used my flash, although I don’t know if the built-in one would have reached.

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