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WooHoo! My XSi is here!

Man this guy took forever to ship! I’m not as mad at him because it’s here and he threw in 2 instructional videos ( I was gonna blast him in feedback): a Canon XSi training video, and Canon Speedlite training video from Blue Crane Digital. Of course I also got what I paid for. For $480, shipping included, I got a:
  • Canon XSi
  • Canon 18-55mm IS Lens
  • 58mm UV Filter
  • 2 Batteries
  • Manuals & Canon XSi
  • Zeikos Sling Bag
  • 58mm Polarizing Filter
  • 58mm ND filter 
  • 58mm macro lens

 Back in the saddle again!

Weather is crappy in Philly so I might be homebound for a while, but I will think of something to shoot. Going to Pitt this weekend to see Green Hornet with my brother and niece, might take a couple pics there to start, and might take some pictures on MLK day.

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