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Photography Growth for 2011


I have been doing photography for about 5 months, and I often look at other photographers who have been doing it for much longer and the quality of their photos makes me think. I think about what growth I have had as a photographer and what goals I have set for my future; things I still want to learn, or techniques I want to feel more comfortable with. For example, on the growth done:
  1. Buy a non-point & shoot (SLR,DSLR,EVIL,SLT etc.)
  2. Use aperture priority
  3. Stop using auto-ISO
  4. Use all 4 metering modes
  5. Ask to take the picture of a stranger
And things I want to do:
  1. Become comfortable using manual when needed
  2. Travel more than 500 miles just to take a picture of something
  3. Get more confident taking city pictures with people
  4. Get better at using metering modes as necessary not just the default
  5. Use a tripod to shoot (buy a tripod )

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