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iPhone for my midget shooter

Since I have been in my photography lull waiting on my other cameras and my Canon XSi, I have been thinking about options for my carry everywhere midget shooter; a camera I can take good pictures with but is fast to pull out and does not need a lot of fiddling with. I had purchased the Samsung SL201, but It looks like the seller has flaked out on me (This has been my worst month buying stuff on eBay, 1 guy paid late, another shipped late, and the camera probably will never show up. But that is the 2nd no-show purchase I have had on eBay out of about 250, and eBay repaid me for the other so it’s not to bad), so while I am thinking of what to choose for my midget shooter, I figured I would give the iPhone a try. it’s the obvious choice as I always have it with me, but I just never really took to the camera. I just put the OtterBox Commuter case on it and it makes the case weather proof for light rain and snow, so I thought I would give it a try this week and see if I can use this as my dedicated midget shooter. I have included a gallery of pictures I have taken with the iPhone, as usual click the pic above or click here to see the slideshow. They actually came out pretty good. I will get a iPhone app I have been waiting for Camera+ that gives you more functionality with your iPhone camera, and see how I feel after that. I don’t think it will be my main midget shooter, but definitely one I will feel confident using in a pinch. Still searching for my main midget shooter.

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