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I hate winter. So many photographers have these great winter shots and I just curl up into a fetal position at the thought of going into weather that’s below freezing. Every week I was going out and I was taking shots, but once the weather hit I found myself going out maybe every other week. I'm going to try and get out a couple times during the holiday week as my job gives us the last week of December off.  I tried going out during the week after work, but where I live it gets dark quickly in the winter, so unless I am specifically doing night shooting, it’s not much use.  I'm getting better cold weather clothes, so maybe that will help, but I doubt it. I hate the cold so much that being warm in the cold still sucks. I've only been doing photography for short time, so I really do need to take pictures to get better; I really need to shoot something. I will probably be going out much less until March unless I can catch a good day when the weather in the high 40s-low 50s. I also might brave the snow briefly just because of the kind of shots you can only get in the snow, but it’s doubtful.  What I am going to do is every week I'm going to do some type of shoot even if it's just of a chair in my room and try to create an interesting gallery to hone my skills. It’s kind of a shame because I have been getting some really nice equipment and some stuff I want to play with outside, but I’m stuck with being me.

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