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Frankford Transportation Center-Donut Shop Lady

This shot is a milestone for me; it is the first portrait I have taken in my photography journeys. I mentioned before I have been very shy about taking pictures of people because I did not want to offend them. I got some business cards with my website on them in case people thought I am doing something shady my confidence shows more in my photography so people see me more as a photographer (which I am ;). The funny part of this photo is it is completely different from the photo I wanted to take. This nice lady and an older guy were have a conversation and they just looked very familiar and friendly. It made the store seem like a hangout and chat place; that is the photo i wanted to take. I asked them if I could and gave them my card. The older guy was freaked a bit and shrunk away (my dad is like that, he does not trust anybody who comes up and wants information about him or wants to take a picture or interview him). The lady agreed, but was so tickled by the card I could not get a candid shot of her, so I took the picture of her holding my card with a mixture of all the emotions going through her face. I had a photo that was more of a close-up and showed more of her face, but I liked the photo with the cigarette sign in the upper left. If just made it feel more like a neighborhood store. I hope she likes it… 

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