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My second lens!

Just got my second lens; the Minolta Maxxum 28-105 AF Zoom xi. It definitely shows how far lens technology has come as it’s a big heavy clunker. At 1.1 pounds, it almost as heavy as my a330, and over half the weight of my a500. The auto zoom is a flashy but useless feature, as the hand movements to auto zoom are the exact hand movements required to zoom manually. On this lens though, you do have to use the auto zoom as the manual zoom is in an awkward spot (should be where the auto zoom is, Duh!) and not very smooth. I’ll be shooting with it tomorrow and that will really tell the tale if I will be keeping it or not. I wanted a faster lens and at the price I paid ($79.00) it can’t be beat, but I would prefer my all-purpose lens be 18mm or less at it’s widest. My next lens is definitely an 18-200, 18-250 or 18-125 whichever is cheapest at the time. 

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