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Minolta Problems

Well I took the Minolta 28-105 out for a spin; it's heavy, loud, and the auto zoom is unnecessary, but it sucks up light like nobodies business. As a night and indoor lens I think it will rock, but as an outdoor daytime lens it does it's best work in Manual. In Aperture priority it just couldn't get the shutter speed right at apertures over f5. I have really enjoyed what technology has brought to my fledgling skills, but today was a perfect example that you should not assume the camera knows what you know. I used Aperture priority, and pretty much kept the exposure compensation at -2 the whole time, and anything over f9 blew the whole picture out. Only near the end did I look really take some test pictures to see what was going on and realized the that at f22 and -2EC the shutter speed was 1/250. The camera could not figure it out but all I hand to do was go to manual and at 1/800 everything looked great. I guess I have been kinda nervous about going to manual but it was easy to do, I lost a lot of shots that I blew out in Ap. Next time out I will go all manual to practice. I do really miss the extra 10mm of the Sony 18-70, and the close focusing length (the 28-70 focusing distance is .5m-1m) and realize I am primarily a landscape photography who dabbles in macro. After I get my super zoom, I will have to see what wide-angle zoom I want.
I have to eat my words; trust your camera! I took some test shots going manual and setting shutter speed to 1/350; I took shots from f3.5 to f22 of the same thing and the pictures were the same at all exposures, I'm returning the lens, something is screwy with the aperture.

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