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Why I Love the F900EXR (And all cameras in the f###EXR Series)

I am a micro four thirds man I very happy about it, but I did keep my f900EXR for a 3 reasons, versatility, size and nostalgia (a FujiFilm camera was my first love, the S1800). 

When I am focused on taking the best pictures I can in a small form factor I choose Micro- four thirds. That is what I take out when I am out specifically out to take pictures. I use my f900EXR for when I am not out to take pictures but out to enjoy myself, drink, or hang with family, and I would only take photos to capture moments and memories that the quality of the picture has no bearing on. To put it best, I would say the pictures I take with the f900EXR are to help me jog my memory about great times when I was not there as a photographer. 

Now, it’s still a photographer’s camera, with a big P&S sensor and raw capture but the size and versatility is unmatched in any other camera, period. You’re talking about a sensor as big as the G15, 20x zoom, and about the size of a pack of cards. I usually just leave it on EXR mode, and snap as I see fit when I’m somewhere having fun, and want to be part of the story not just an observer. 

Take into account that the cameras are usually 250.00 or cheaper unless you buy brand new; it’s a camera you can take if you think something might happen to your camera, and you won’t sweat the loss. 

I have used this camera with my photographer hat on and it does a great job, but that was when I had bigbodyitus, and was just not in the mood to lug around a Canon body or even a NEX body w/lens. Now I have the Lumix M43 cameras, especially the GM1 so the only reason I would go to the f900EXR is if I needed stealth and a very long zoom. In those situations the f900EXR can still earn its photographer’s slot.


Thoughts GX1

Since I fell in love with the GX7 I decided to get the GX1 as my back-up body, especially since they were selling for around 300.00. It’s actually been off the bench quite a bit as the size is smaller than the GX7, and with image stabilized lenses, I do not lose much in image quality. I do like the larger, but not too large, size of the GX7 more, especially the second control dial. It’s not really a contest, The GX7 is better, but the GX1 is actually my compact street shooter now. I have the GM1, but that is my super stealthy camera, when I need great image quality that is very unobtrusive and am willing to deal with the minimal controls.
After using the GX7’s touch screen, not having a capacitive but a resistive touch screen takes a minute to get use to, and if I had to change one thing, it would be to give it a capacitive touch screen. I find that even with the GX7 I am using the back LCD for most of my framing and shots. I only use the EVF for moving subjects and bright light.


  • Point & Shoot size yet full featured, as an entry level SLR
  • Good image Quality
  • Longer Battery life than GX7
  • Control dial in small body


  • Resistive instead of capacitive touch screen
  • Low light a little bit worse
  • No in-body IS