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More Thoughts

I have been thinking about the A6000, which is basically the Nex 6 again. I owned a NEX 6 and loved the body, but Sony's lens choice and lenses' speed disappointed me especially when you look at the price of their lenses. the only viable lens for the Nex's that would stay in line with my vision would be the 16-50, and I had that lenses and hated the power zoom and the distortion on the wider end.
I am thinking strongly about the EM10 though it's actually cheaper than the RX10, and if the RX10 does not wow me, I will probably pick that up and give it a try.


Thoughts on RX100 MK II

The RX100 II was a pleasure to shoot with, and really, after using the E-620 a couple days ago shows how much cameras have advanced in 5 years. The biggest pleasure was when I got home, how much detail 20MPs resolves. I am used to 10-15 MP cameras (mostly 12) and the 20 MP was really fun to play with. I can't say enough good things about it, and with some tweaking I can't see how this one is going back up on eBay.
The MK III did not really interest me because of the puny zoom range. I did not miss the viewfinder as it works and feels just like a point and shoot so you are not thinking EVF. I LOVED the targeting focus where you focus using the center focus point, and the camera keeps focus while you recompose. Why someone did not think of implementing something like this sooner...


  1. Compact size
  2. 20MP
  3. Focus modes and overall feature set 
  4. Nice in had with purchased Sony grip
  5. Stealth
  1. focus does not have a lot of give, found myself just using the back ring more
  2. 2000/sec shutter speed, found myself a bit limited in aperture choices on a bright summer day
  3. shutter button a little hard to press because of it's size, would be a real challenge with gloves
  4. Slippery as a greased Eel without a aftermarket grip.
After I left Shofuso, I just keep walking around shooting; I did not want to put this camera down, and I can't wait to read Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 II by Alexander White to learn all it's secrets.

It's early days, but I can see myself with just 3 cameras; the F900EXR, the RX100 II, and the RX10. we'll see how it goes.


Next up the RX100

The RX100 MKII will be the next up. I am going to a Shofuso Japanese house & garden where they might have issues with cameras (they did not say either way on their web site, and I forgot to call ahead.), so the more low key the better. They probably won't mind some tourist with a point and shoot, but if I start bringing out the bigger bodies they might get touchy.

Thoughts on the E-620


  1. Nice compact size, smaller than some bridge cameras.
  2. Lenses are also small, so it does not fake you out with the small body like the Sony NEX series; small body, huge lenses.
  3. Sharp at low ISOs, pretty good up to 800
  4. Optical View finder
  1. Grain sets in at ISO 800, reminds me how far the newer cameras have come with low light performance.
  2. Good focusing, but not a focus beast.
  3. I'll stick with single point focus for now, as the other focus modes are okay but not great.
  4. JPGs seem a bit over processed
This is what I wanted; optical viewfinder, good image quality, highly portable size, and that is what I got. I am happy with it, but as I said before this will be my back-up to the back up or something to whip out if the mirrorless cameras struggle with action and moving subjects. 

I really need to make using multiple focus points on cameras more of a focus. I have always felt that if focus and recompose was good enough for decades of photographers it is good enough for me, but I forget  much of focus and recompose was in the days of manual focus where you could tweek the focus when you recomposed. Hey, it's always good to have more to learn...


Decision Time

Well I have made a decision and the first camera I will be taking out is the E-620. Honestly, this camera had the most stable place in my rotation as I definitely needed a DSLR, but I wanted to see the 4/3rds image quality before I locked in it as my choice. If the image quality is not acceptable, I will look at the Pentax K-7. It is higher end, so perhaps not the fairest comparison, but as I said my main focus is on portability with good image quality, which is why a small body Sony Alpha, Canon or Nikon were not in the running. The bodies may be small, but the lenses are quite large.
I should note that the DSLR I choose will really be my last resort camera, for when there are situations where an EVF just wont do. Mainly moving subjects and action, unless the mirrorless cameras I will be testing greatly surprise me.